Improving sales performance with WuKong CRM

WuKong software is a famous CRM supplier providing the open source version and commercial version of CRM. Moreover, it also has mobile clients for Android and IOS systems. Its product has been downloaded for more than 500 thousand times so far. It has nearly ten thousand users and has earned great reputation of the users.

WuKong CRM Open Source Version

WuKong CRM is a famous open-source and free customer relationship management system. The open source code allows user’s secondary development so as to meet the personalized needs of business operations. You can set up your own operating environment to protect sensitive commercial secrets.At the same time, you can contact us for paid secondary development.Users can add needed fields and delete useless fields according to different needs of enterprises so that WuKong CRM can better meet the requirements of your company and realize the personalized customization.

WuKong CRM commercial version

WuKong CRM Exclusive Ultimate contains all the functions of open source version. At the same time, it has added the PSI (Purchase Sales Inventory) management module and optimized the authority distribution mechanism. The online PSI management module of WuKong CRM integrates the sales, PSI (Purchase Sales Inventory) and related financial modules seamlessly, which provides the function of complete sales cycle management and makes various processes in the PSI (Purchase Sales Inventory)management like procurement and warehousing, sales and warehouse-out,customer returns, receipts and payments more rigorous so as to truly achieve the efficient management.

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