Embodied as the guiding ideology and concept of new enterprise management.

The innovative enterprise management mode and operation mechanism.

The combination of the management methods and application solutions of information technology and the integration of software and hardware systems in the enterprise management.

Improve customer satisfaction. Improve customer loyalty. Improve operational efficiency of the enterprise

It is the requirement basis for the emerging of WuKong CRM as the times requires that comprehensively improving the automation and scientization of routine business like marketing, sales and services.

Strategy +management + IT,WuKong CRM client management has integrated the forward management concepts of marketing. The marketing, sales management, customer care, services and support constitute the cornerstone of WuKong CRM.client management, business opportunity management, massive E-mails, massive messages, contract management, task management and log management.These functions allow you to make an accurate sales forecast!They are more helpful to the adjustment of sales strategy.

Through WuKong CRM, you can know the sales trend of this month and the year, thus you can seize the focus of sales and organize the marketing in terms of plan management.At the same time, the computer statistical reports can provide support for the analysis of current sales and help users to research and judge the problems arising from the sales in time. With WuKong CRM, you are free to realize the return and cancel of goods.

WuKong CRM client creates your own gold secretary through various modules including customers,customer pool, business opportunities, emails, contacts, announcements, logs and knowledge, etc. It is easy, convenient for you to manage the customer resources, to seize business opportunities, to track the sales process, to coordinate the team cooperation and task arrangement. Whenever and wherever you are, you can manage your clients by your mobile phone!

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